Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Boy With The Mannequin Hand

You already know I shamelessly shill out all the things I work on (hey, I'm proud of the work and want people to see it. Sue me!), but did you know I write press releases that I send around to promo the stuff? Here's one for The Boy With The Mannequin Hand, the album I just released. The soundtrack for a film which doesn't exist. You can stream the sucker for free HERE right now.

The debut release of Irish dark ambient artist SL-88, The Boy With The Mannequin Hand, is now available.

Inspired by the work of Irish artist James Devlin (, the album is a unique blend of a score for an unmade film, a concept album and a twisted fairy-tale. It bears tonal similarities to the work of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Coil, and Charlie Clouser.

Hailing from Wicklow, artist SL-88 is a regular contributor to feature film scores and has a back catalog of work with short form media. This marks his first album release after 12 years of working under different monikers. 

His words on the album:

"The Boy With The Mannequin Hand is something I think is quite unique. I was inspired by James Devlin's artwork and used what I found tonally suitable to create this piece that would be the score for a film that didn't exist. I like the idea of the listener hearing the music and finding their own storyline to follow. What I had in my head as I made it may not be what they see as they listen to it. There's a lot of dynamics at play, and I can't wait to hear what story people find".

The album can be streamed in full and purchased from

1. Witch's Hug
2. This Is Where The Creatures Go To Die
3. Does That Give You A Reason?
4. Wasted Cat Life, Restart
5. Those Little Things I Regret
6. Just Let Me Sleep
7. All Good Things Must Come To An End
8. No Strings
9. From That Day, I Was A Monster

Two music videos have been released to tie-in with the album.

- Those Little Things I Regret

- All Good Things Must Come To An End

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