Friday, 17 February 2017

I May Have A Few Demons...

Well, I have been quite sick for the past few days, which is very unusual for me. Nothing too interesting to note. I slept funny. I couldn't concentrate well. I felt generally awful. The usual. 

However, the other day, my throat began making the strangest noises. No doubt, it's the usual clogging up with mucus (hello, ladies), but these noises ran through my head for a few days (including while I slept. Woo) and of course I had to record em and share em in a visual form.

What is below is an untreated recording of my breathing from the other morning. I have EQed it to remove the hiss from my phone and looped it, but the several voices you hear at once? All happened in the moment. I guess there is really only one answer here; I'm possessed.

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