Wednesday, 8 February 2017

General Update

Geddit? I'm still hilarious. (Image: Warner Bros Pictures)

Sorry, I slept in there for a bit and missed posting for a few... Eh, lemme see how long... My last post was... APRIL 2014?! What the fuck?! 

Ok, well, from now on, I will keep the updates constant and- Ah, who the heck am I kidding? I shall post intermittent at best. Sorry. I want to annoy you with constant updates, but life outside the internet demands so much time and you will probably somehow manage to survive without my nonsense.

But that doesn't mean I won't try!

I still watch horror films a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Maybe more than when I was posting most back in the heyday. I come across some films that really strike me, and I want to get back in to spreading some love where it is due. In tandem with that, I do come across some turkeys that might be entertaining to rant about, but a big part of me doesn't want to be pushing myself in any sort of critical light. 

Don't get me wrong, I shall choose my battles and go to town on something when I think I might be able to tie it in to a point, but I won't pick on a film I don't like simply because I want to write something mean. Those days are behind me. In fact, I once wrote something kinda mean about Adam Green's Hatchet, and I still feel the guilts about it every now and again, because I generally love his films, listen to his podcast, and have met and had a fucking in depth conversation with the dude, not to mention I also own TWO copies of Hatchet now. Maybe it's the Catholic guilt setting in?

To kick things off, I shall give a quick rundown of some recent-ish events that have kept me busy in life (beyond the day work that keeps me busy from the events that keep me busy from writing that yadda yadda yadda). I make films, as outlined on the blog plenty of times, and have gone to town on the releasing of said films digitally. I have worked on shorts and music vids, mainly for my sanity in the massive gap that exists while trying to get money for another feature. I make music, and have recently released my first album (hope all 2 listeners enjoyed). I write a lot, but mainly scripts that I am doing my best to get made (this will be a running trend I shall keep returning to). I work in TV and have been making bits for that aside from my editing duties (oh yeah, I'm an editor). I've also been travelling a fair bit, which has been a change of pace and a nice experience. It's funny how the working life gives with one hand and takes with the other. 

This blog was something I was very proud of once upon a time, and my passion for the topics has not waned. Here's to hoping for some sort of revival!

Oh yeah, I've only started watching Breaking Bad, so I'll see you in 3 months.

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