Saturday, 10 August 2013

The O'Briens Update: Pre-Order The Film NOW and Premiere News

Some of you might have seen this on Facebook or Twitter already, but there is big news regarding my feature film directorial debut, The O'Briens. 

Not a horror, but a romcom (though depending on your film preferences, that can be pretty horrific), The O'Briens is about a widower father calling his grown-up children back from their lives around the world to their home in Galway, where he has some news that will shock and change their lives forever.

First off, the film is complete and we are currently doing pre-orders for the film right HERE. For $10, you can get your own digital copy of the film, and for $30, you can get an exclusive DVD copy of the film with a bonus disc containing Nicky Royston's brilliant score to the film (by fuck, we worked hard on it!). For other amounts, you can get different loverly perks, including signed posters, name in the credits, or face time with the stars. So, yeah, plenty there to ponder on.

As you will see, that link is to an IndieGoGo page. 'What's the deal, huh? I thought you said it was finished?' you throw at me. It is, and it even had a VERY successful premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival in America, where is won Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking. What is happening now is that we are gearing up for the Irish release, and have some very big plans in the works to get the film released to the public in a VERY accessible way (sorry, I have to be a little vague), and what comes with this plan is that we need capital to do the DVD print run. You out all that together and you get the goal on our IndieGoGo page. It is a flexi-funding campaign, so whatever we raise will be kept by us (minus IndieGoGo's fees) and put back in to the film's release. Even if we don't reach the goal, we will of course be fulfilling the perks, and put anything else remaining back in to getting the release done. It might seem like a high goal, but a lot of people can tell you, we are looking at the bare minimum to get the film out to you (and by God, do we want to get it out to you!).

So, please, if you are a kind-hearted person, take a look at the IndieGoGo for The O'Briens and contribute if you can, and spread the word! I want my first feature film to be seen by as many people as possible!

Speaking of seeing the film, we are also finally having the Irish premiere! Taking place on September 19th in the very fancy Eye Cinema in Galway (where Ally and I saw the Irish premiere for Toy Story 3 a couple years back), the premiere will include many of the cast and crew in attendance, as well as some other possible special guests. If you go to THIS LINK, you will find a way to pre-book tickets, should you be so inclined (which you should). You will also see there is the standard screening with a Q&A (anyone who has heard me on the podcast knows I can run my mouth off), and there is also a very special VIP package, which includes a fantastic-sounding afterparty, including performances by many bands (including Roisin O, who I was delighted to get in the film's soundtrack).

Hey, there aren't many better ways to spend a Thursday in Galway. Especially not September 19th!

While you take that all in, please enjoy the trailer for our film, and I hope to see you on the pre-order page, or else in person at the premiere!

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