Sunday, 11 August 2013

Horror Lives! Episode 8, Where We Have Underage Sex And Do Drugs In The Forest And Are Generally Reckless

We told you we'd be back! The new episode of Horror Lives! is live right HERE, and in this more manageable length podcast, in honour of the upcoming comprehensive Friday The 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories and Joey's recent writings for UK Horror Scene's Slasher Month, we (not literally) smoke the pot, have the underage sex, say 'I'll be right back' and look at slasher films, from Psycho all the way to Scream 4 (with many pit stops and tangents along the way). 

So, please, join us for a lively and unnecessarily bantery episode that moves along faster than a teen been chased by a machete-wielding psycho. An exceptionally great way in for those who have are looking to get their feet wet with slasher films.

I'll be right back...

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