Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Now Curse of Chucky Has A Trailer

Gah! I watched this trailer and I can't contain myself. I LOVE IT. New style, new Chucky look, just darkness. Man, what is not to like? Check out the real short trailer that has got me this excited:

So, the film will be screened next month at Frightfest (where I will see it, and on that day I will be extremely irritating in my excitedness) and released on VOD in the US on September 24, followed by a Blu-Ray/DVD release on October 8 (and Bloody Disgusting report a full Chucky film collection also coming out at the same time. Swoon). I am more than a little irked that pretty much every film that excites me barely gets a token release (The Lords of Salem) or goes straight to VOD and home video (American Mary and Antiviral). I understand that it is a less risky and cost-effective way to get these films out there, though I do miss seeing a lot of these amazing films in the cinema. 

Oh well, I will see Chucky on the big screen, AND I WILL LOVE IT.

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