Friday, 19 July 2013

Man, That's Good. Or Bad. Or Good-Bad. Or Bad-Good...

This freaked me out more than any horror film...

As we gear up for another podcast this weekend, I wanted to make sure you knew we have a TWO-PARTER out there online for you to enjoy while you hide from the heatwave. That's right, we had so much to say that instead of putting you through a loooooong individual episode, we gave you two equally entertaining parts for you to enjoy at your leisure. But guess what? We won't leave you on a cliff hanger. No, both parts are online RIGHT NOW and boy howdy, do I think you'll dig.

What are our intrepid explorers chatting about in these episodes? The best bad-good films out there today. Or the best good-bad, just tp shake it up. We hit the classics of Lake Placid, Birdemic, and Snakes on a Plane, and because we love to hurt ourselves, look at Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Manos The Hand of Fate and the illegitimate Evil Dead sequel, La Casa 3.

There's almost too much excitement for just 2 podcasts, but we know you can handle it. Check it all out HERE, below, or at iTunes.

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