Sunday, 28 July 2013

All The Love You Cannes

Once again, I am a major sucker for Troma, and the always candid behind-the-scenes documentaries are always nothing short of entertaining. It's not just what goes on in a Troma documentary that is captivating, but with how open and willing Lloyd Kaufman and co are to look bad for the sake of authenticity. It can't help but make me respect Troma on another level entirely.

First up, All The Love You Cannes, where we follow the Troma team at the 2001 installment of the reputable French film festival, and the chaos and anarchy that goes on trying to market and sell their indie films when up against the likes of Warner Bros.

Next, there is a bit of context needed. It all starts with Tales From The Crapper, a bizarre film in the Troma canon. Shot digitally, the film is notorious for producer India Allen delivering a below-par film while using all the budget and the inadequate reshoots and extended editing period that followed to try make some sense out of what was salvageable. Kaufman has been very public in his condemnation of what was initially shot, and the tie-in documentary The Thick Brown Line focuses on the reshoot from hell coupled with his own thoughts on what went wrong and where he was to blame. 

It's interesting in that it features a scene where Troma members make fun of Wes Craven for donating $100 to the production while he was in the building (which I think they are wrong to do. It's not like the guy carries wads of cash on him!):

These videos are taken from Troma's YouTube channel, where an extensive selection of their back catalogue is available FOR FREE. Use it or lose it, folks.

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