Saturday, 27 July 2013

All The Cannibal Holocaust You Can

My latest review has gone live on Gorepress, and it is for the grandaddy of them all; CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. I have written about the infamous video nasty a few times before, but restrained myself to a hopefully articulated review for people who know nothing about the most banned film of all time. Please check it out and comment and share and the sorts. 

To try and get the last residuals of Ruggero Deodato's film from my system, I have decided to share some of the fantastic DVD cover art from around the world that I came across on my travels. There is some colourful and lovely stuff included below, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you google the film, you will find all manners of incredible poster and VHS artwork. Consider this your gateway drug.


The original GO Video classic cover.


Grindhouse's definitive US release 
(although it has a rubbish cover)

Siren Visual Entertainment's Australian release, pretty much 
identical to the Grindhouse release, except classier cover art.


EC Entertainment bring the love to Holland with some lovely artwork,
including my favourite; the skull.


The Blu-Ray isn't very pretty, but the other art is interesting.

My first copy of Cannibal Holocaust, and still one of
the best cover arts out there.

A trio of steelbooks. Oh, the colour!


The first non-English title, and some art
that's either lovely and dark, or cheap. I can't decide.

Definitely cheap looking, but eye-catching.

Not sure where this is from (someone please confirm,
if you can!), but had to include it. The art seems
to be unique to the release (and possibly not even from
Cannibal Holocaust).

VIPCO's infamously butchered and shoddy releases, though
they get brownie points for including House on the Edge of the Park
as a bonus feature.

The current official UK release by Shameless, with reversible
artwork that harkens back to the best designs.

Some bizarre multi-disc release with soundtrack and
gorgeous figurine. Not sure where it's from or it's
availability (apparently Austria and ridiculously limited), 
but I love it. I'll take this over your
6-disc Blade Runner set any day!

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