Friday, 21 June 2013


I've watched this a tonne of times and chances are you may have seen it, but screw it, even if you have, take the few minutes to reacquaint yourself and have a laugh with Eli Roth's fake Grindhouse trailer for Thanksgiving.

And while you're at it, here is a making of. I haven't seen the Thanksgiving trailer in full quality context yet (like on a Blu-ray or whatever), just in the above video, where it is amazing, but the clips of it in the making of below seem somewhat pristine comparatively. Could watching the crappy Youtube cam version, complete with audience members walking by the screen, be the true modern grindhouse way to watch it?

 Word is Roth will actually make a proper feature out of this eventually, but he seems to be attached to a ridiculous amount of projects, so let's not hold our breath on that one and instead start the excitement for his cannibal love fest, The Green Inferno, coming soon!

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