Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Horror Lives! The Return of Episode 2, part deux

As Joey, Peter and myself gear up for episode 3, I realise I didn't make noise here about the Empire Strikes Back of our podcast trilogy (or Attack of the Clones, if you have brain damage). What am I yammering on about? Welp, RIGHT HERE, you can hear, in its 90 minute glory, Episode 2 of Horror Lives! In this adventure, we look back on the original big monster flick (well, except for the mountain of ones that came before), Cloverfield, as well as many asides (as we are want to do). Also hear Joey and me talking about our new writings for Gorepress, the gossip on The O'Briens, and giggle when special guest, Ally, falls asleep halfway through recording.

Excitement, thy name is Horror Lives! And you are living right here:

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Note: After listening to this, I am becoming aware that I seem to be fitting at least five hours worth of talking in to 90 mins. I wanted to say I was a speed racer, but I'm just not that cool.

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