Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Horror Lives! Episode 4 - TV LIVES!

Just before the new episode goes up, why don't you have a listen to episode 4, where intrepid explorers Joey, Peter and myself talk about all the horror TV you can shake a rattlesnake at (I'm not sure if that's a lot of shaking, or since the rattlesnake shakes, it is counteracted and not so good, but I think we can all agree they make a good makeshift maraka if you need it).

So please join us, where you will hear natter about current hot programming like Hannibal, The Following, American Horror Story, Bates Motel and The Walking Dead, and some more classic horror shows like American Gothic. Then we go totally down the nostalgia rabbit hole where we hit Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and Goosebumps (incidentally, I started rewatching Goosebumps after the podcast, and it holds up).

Check out the sukka below, or click right HERE (and for the love of god, subscribe to our iTunes!).

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