Saturday, 8 June 2013

Horror Lives! Episode 3, Where We Talk About ALL THE FILMS

It's that time again (and has been for the last few days); a new Horror Lives! podcast, RIGHT HERE. In this episode, our intrepid explorers talk about pretty much every big horror release from the past few months, for better or for worse, and even have time to look at the apparently cloned trailers for The Purge and You're Next. To be fair, it's easy to have time to talk about so much stuff when you just don't stop talking. But hey, this episode is easily my favourite and if we keep going like this, we're going to be ok (at least that's what the scary man tells me).

In shockingly related news, the podcast is also live on iTunes now, so you Tunesers (that's a thing, right?) can listen and subscribe and get the latest episodes right to your computer doorstep right HERE.

So, please, have a listen, have a laugh, and let us know what you think of... HORROR LIVES!

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