Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Things have been a bit quiet on the Horror Face front, but rest assured, I have been anything but absent. If you missed it, I wrote a review for one of my favourite indie horrors Absentia for Gorepress (with a new review coming soon), ribbed on the terminal Evil Intent for BloodGuts, and have been having fun with The O'Briens experience. And in with all these things, I have done something I'm both excited and nervous about; a podcast.

Obviously it's not just me, because I don't harbour any illusions of thinking people want to listen to me. Nope, I have horror compadre and brainbox Joey to natter on with, and Peter moderating us. Our very own Frankenstein has been dubbed Horror Lives! In our first pass, we go into detail about the Evil Dead remake and the question of the rape scene in it (warning; this may be a topic we keep going back to), plus we go in to our earliest horror memories and go off on tangents that are unrivalled in their wandering. 

This is our first podcast, so we are trying to work out some of the kinks (including not going on for so long in future!), so bear with us, but please, give it a go. You never know, you might just dig it. Think of it as Joey or me verbally writing very detailed blogs. Or don't, because that sounds lame. But do listen, because, hey, HORROR. So, come one, come all. Hear us rant and rave, diss and dirt, and hear me say 'like' an improbable amount of times. Come see HORROR LIVES!

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