Friday, 31 May 2013

Hannibal Will Eat Again

And now I can finally let out a deep breath... Hannibal, the TV series, has been renewed for a second series. 

As per Bloody Disgusting, there is quite a wait ahead of us, but hey, as long as the show returns, I will gladly sit patiently. If you have been listening to the podcast, you will know both Joey and I sing the shows praises on a regular basis, and it is easily my favourite show on TV right now. Apparently, there are complaints of it being too dark, but I couldn't be more impressed by it. I love everything about Hannibal, from the casting to the music to the look to the imagery, all just perfect. The only thing I don't like about the show is its ratings. And most frustrating of all is that, being in Ireland, my viewings of the show don't count. If you are American, know that I (and everyone else outside of the US) depend on you to legally watch and support this groundbreaking and artistically mesmerising show, so please watch it and tell everyone else to watch it! 

Remember Firefly...