Tuesday, 7 May 2013

DON'T MOVE But Do Watch

Last week, while watching the great filmmaker resource tool Film Riot (seriously, if you make films, you are probably breaking a law by not watching it) they interviewed a British trio with a short film called Don't Move. Big deal. I see short films all the time, and sure, on occasion they can give me a chuckle, or be a bit of fun, but shorts are the hidden-in-the-attic bastards of the film world. So I checked out the short film. I think my reaction can be totally encapsulated by the tweet I sent the filmmakers right after my viewing:

So, yeah, I guess you can say I liked it.

I can't really say too much about it, since it is probably best experienced completely cold, but it is a ten minute fantastically shot horror that just right in to the action, where we see a Ouija board, a glass spinning, a dead body and four people staying still, looking terrified. Hell, stop letting me flaff my way through the plot and watch the damn film right HERE

I can't admit I was scared, but very little actually succeeds there (and some of the things that do are ridiculous), but I was expecting to click away from the film 2 minutes in after getting the gist, but once it started, looked so beautiful, and was just executed so well (that spinning glass... oooh), I was powerless to do anything but watch. And yes, I was so tense waiting to see where things went.

Don't Move is actually episode 8 of an anthology series this British group are making, with all the episodes available over at www.bloodycuts.co.uk, and if this film is anything to go by, every other episode is worthwhile giving your time to. And best of all? They are independent and making the short horrors for the love of it. THAT is far too rare.

Now, excuse me while I indulge in one of the few good horror anthologies out there.

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