Sunday, 28 April 2013

The O'Briens Take Over TONIGHT

Again evoking the 'or whatever strikes' part of my banner header, here we are, finally the time has arrived; The PREMIERE of The O'Briens!

For those who are a little lost, The O'Briens is a romcom set in Galway, Ireland, and the official logline goes something like this: Two years after the death of his wife, an Irish father summons his daughter and two sons home, causing all to fear the worst . . . but he’s not the only one with a secret.

I directed (with Emma Gahen co-directing) and edited the film while Ally production managed and co-produced (along with tonnes of other people doing impeccable jobs, including Slaine Kelly, our Sodium Party alum, co-writing, producing and starring). It was a hell of an undertaking and hard work for everyone,, but right now, it feels like it is all about to pay off.

We premiere in the Irish Spotlight of the Newport Beach Film Festival tonight, and have SOLD OUT the Big Newport Theatre (quite a big screen, as far as we have been told). There is talk of a second screening being added (whether or not I'll be able to attend that one is to be seen), and people have been knocking down the door to try get in to tonight's screening. It's all a crazy experience, and the festival itself has been pretty intense and fun, so we can only imagine what tonight could bring!

So, as I prepare to search for some breakfast, I wanted to share my excitement about tonight, where something so many people worked so hard on will be let loose in to the world, and Slaine Kelly, Emmett Hughes, Ally Scarff, Amber Jean Rowan, Kellie Blaise, Nicky Royston and myself will be there, probably nervous as hell, but so damn excited.

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