Thursday, 18 April 2013

Music Video: This Place Was A Shelter

Ally and myself decided, very close to the deadline, to make an entry for a competition to make an official music video for Olafur Arnalds' upcoming single, This Place Was A Shelter. An instrumental piece that is epically cinematic, we dug the song, and wanted to do something a bit more immediate after the last 9 months or so making the feature film, so we grabbed our talented actress friend Marian Rose (whom I continue to torture again and again...)

(... and again and again...)

... And set off to make the video. There was only a couple of weeks from conception, shooting and completion, and we are delighted with the results. It is on the Genero website along with 180 other entries, and there are some stunners, but there is a great satisfaction to having this video realised, and not a million miles off what was in my head. 

Oh, and I should mention, if you are a horror or gore fan, this MAY well be for you!

Please enjoy and share the link around. It's not judged on views or votes, I just want to share what Ally, Michael, Marian and myself created!


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