Friday, 8 March 2013

The Lords Are Stomping All Over Your TV Set

Further to my earlier post about seeing Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem in the IFI later today and hypothesising this might mean there will be no proper theatrical engagement over here in Ireland, I found the above image here on Turns out The Lords of Salem is set for a DVD release (and probably concurrent Bluray release) on April 29. So, yup, it's being released the same way as American Mary and Antiviral (ie. under the radar). Funny, these were my three most anticipated films of recent memory.

The classification is still TBC (as is the cover art, presumably), same for extra features, and there are no details on the BBFC website, including none for a theatrical release, so UK and Ireland Zombie fans, prepare yourself for having to be content watching the Lords in your home and not the big screen.

Again, April 29th (10 days after it goes theatrical in the US).


  1. Fucking sucks, man. It says a lot for the state of the genre. But hopefully it'll still be good!

    1. Yet films like Silent Hill Revelations or Chernobyl Diaries or The Devil Inside all get into the big cinemas. If anyone ever needed an example of having a big studio behind you, there it is! Still very excited for The Lords of Salem!