Thursday, 7 March 2013

Here Comes The Lords Of Salem, And All The Trailers Too

I am now counting down the hours until I get to see Rob Zombie's latest original feature film, The Lords of Salem. I have been excited for the film since before it even started production, and with the release of plot details, and then a pair of amazing trailers, I can barely contain myself. 

Check out the dialogue-sparse, Ken Russell/golden age of Italian horror-vibed first trailer:

And the more plot conscious second trailer:

For someone like me, who has quite the fondness for the classic Italian style of Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, this film looks like a wet dream, and I am in love with the simplistic plot of a radio DJ inadvertently playing an incantation that brings back some executed Salem witches. Coincidentally,  I have been stocking up on Arrow Video's amazing releases of the more neglected genre cinema, and Zombie's new film is potentially nothing but an exciting addition to the trove (even if Sheri's questionable acting chops still doesn't scratch that itch, though then again, the acting in the classics was never that great).

The film hits US theatres April 19, but there seems to be no firm release details for this side of the pond. I'll be seeing it in the IFI in a once-off screening, which seems to be becoming a regular occurrence for horror fare not produced by the big studios, which I'd like to address briefly. Both American Mary and Antiviral played in the centre last October, and were then quietly dispatched to DVD releases (a shame in the case of American Mary. Not so much for Antiviral). I'm in two minds about it. One is thinking I'd like to see these films getting great wide public releases so everyone can enjoy in some films that I get so much out of. The other mind knows that in many cases, these small showings in the IFI could be the only chance these films could have of any theatrical release in Ireland. I guess I should be grateful. It's not long ago that these films being released in any form in Ireland was rare, so I will count my blessings (in a very bitter manner).

Check back here tomorrow night for my one word instant reaction to a film I am hyping up ridiculously; The Lords of Salem.

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