Sunday, 10 February 2013

THE PACT is Pointless and Does Not Deserve A Sequel. Here's Why...


It has been announced that there will be a sequel to the surprise 2012 hit The Pact. I say surprise hit, because this was an awful film that no one should have sung any praises of. This news stirred ire in me, because I felt like I was tricked into seeing this film by all the praise heaped on it, and instead of getting anything out of the experience, I was left with a poorly executed, uneven film that changes genre halfway through, annoying actors, and a ridiculously preposterous scenario to accept. There should not be a sequel to this film. Unless it completely abandons everything about the first one, then it is doomed to be just as poor. 

For me, the biggest sign of a bad film is one that I notice plot holes in. A good (or even ok) film will be able to distract me from its problems, but The Pact has one glaringly obvious plot hole no one seemed to think was a big deal, when in fact it renders the film either redundant, or sloppy. Here it is, argue with me if you like, but this is a massive deal;

All through the film, the ghost seems to be able to throw people around and move objects, to 'warn' them of the danger in the house, of course, but when it comes to actually preventing any of these people being killed by the murderer hidden in the house? Or possibly killing the murderer themselves. Fuck no. It can't shove the murderer against a wall so someone can run, or drop a plank on his head while he sleeps. 

This goes back to the uneven film problem. It starts out as a potentially good ghost/haunted house flick in the vein of Insidious, with some ok set pieces upping the chill factor. But then it jumps the shark by clearly stating there is a ghost, and then deciding to make a twist of M. Night Shyamalan proportions, and completely disregarding the rules it set up for itself earlier. It's like two completely different scripts were stapled together. 

On the other hand, maybe the ghost hated the lead woman as much as I did.

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