Monday, 18 February 2013

5 Films To Enjoy

The blog will be quiet for the rest of the month, but I'll leave it off on a positive note (since I get very ranty on occasion, a bit of balance can be nice). Here is a list of some more recent (well, not 20 year old) horror flicks worth checking out.

American Mary
Starring Katherine Isabelle, who will forever have the goodwill of Ginger Snaps, this starts out as one of the best films I've seen in a long time. It loses steam towards its second half, but is still better than a lot of other clutter out there. For the body mod enthusiasts out there.

Berberian Sound Studio
Great atmospheric piece about a very British Toby Jones as a sound artist on an Italian exploitation film and the paranoia of being out of his comfort zone. Don't go in expecting a typical horror, because it will disappoint you. Once you just watch it as a film, you will really enjoy it. I think watching it without subtitles adds an extra layer of distance.

An Irish comedy-horror. A bit light on story, about a small Irish island terroised by aliens whose only weakness is alcohol, and it is sold as being a lot better than it is, but it is still worth a peep, and has some of the best and most realistic Irish characters I have ever seen.

The Bay
Barry Levison's latest, and a bit of a spin on the found footage genre by being a full fledged documentary. It's not fantastic, and gets frustrating towards its latter half, but its a bit different, and worthwhile for those who enjoyed Contagion.

The Innkeepers
Ti West finally gets that 'slow and not of it's time' style horror right (House of the Devil tried it but just ends up boring). Set in an allegedly haunted inn that is about to close, the young staff seek out and experience ghostly experiences. Pay it your full attention. It had me on the edge of my seat!

And finally, I recently renewed my subscription to the fantastic British horror magazine The Dark Side. You can get the sub for cheap, and they have fantastic digital issues. I'll be eventually doing a proper write up on em, but just so you know why they are easily the best horror mag, they are honest horror fans, and would never give a seal of approval to nonsense like Creature.

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