Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Lovely Dinner

As the window closes on getting my favourite short film, Into White, out there, I realised that I had made public but never properly shared my 2010 short film, Lovely Dinner.

From a script I really liked, it was my little love letter to gore fests like Braindead, while giving cuddles to the cannibal genre (which I predict will have a brief comeback with the release of Eli Roth's latest flick, The Green Inferno). This is a horror comedy about a man of creepily nervous disposition, George, who is having a dinner date with socially awkward Penny. But, little did she know, she is the dinner. Mwhahahaha. 

I made it in 2010 (in fact, we shot in February, so almost 2 years ago exactly) as my graduate piece. It actually had a nice little life for itself, appearing at the Cork Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival and the big Galway Film Fleadh, as well as loads of other fests I foolishly didn't keep track of and can no longer remember (I really need someone to help me with the promotion of these things, I am useless). Great performances and some great crew work here. You may recognise my severed head icon on the internet tab from this flick. Not a perfect film, but hey, it's a bit of blood-soaked fun. 

Enjoy (and for the love of God, share!). Happy Sunday.

Lovely Dinner from Richard Waters on Vimeo.

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