Friday, 21 December 2012

The Dead Don't Rise in Death Valley Anymore

About a year ago, I enthusiastically wrote about the MTV horror comedy mockumentary, Death Valley. At the time, the finalĂ© had just hit (ending on a cliff-hanger, of course), the show was getting praise from horror fans everywhere, and we were proudly informed a second season was on the way.

It's in CAPS LOCK, so you know it means business.

Well, it turns out the Undead Task Force won't be patrolling the streets of California anymore.

I had been happily going about my life, eagerly awaiting the return of what turned out to be one heck of a good show, when a friend informed me it wasn't coming back. 'No', I yelled. 'It is definitely coming back. Real people who make it said so!'. And then, because I am an egotistical monster who has to always be right, I went to check this out. Lo and behold, it had gone from CAPS LOCK returning, so being no more;

That tweet there is from Caity Lotz, who plays Captain Kristen Landry. This casual tweet that does even have ANY capital letters publicly marked the end of Death Valley. The show ain't coming back. Everywhere has now labelled the show cancelled. I know this is old news, but it is a sad day. It went out not with a zombie head explosion or a stake through a vampires heart, with a hard rock soundtrack booming away, but completely under the radar, hoping no one would realise that clever little show was gone. Among the heavies of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, Death Valley stood out as an easy comedic aside that everyone could enjoy. It'd be like there being Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, but cancelling The Office or 30 Rock. 


Anyway, better late than never, there it is; Death Valley, a great and entertaining show, is no more.