Wednesday, 12 December 2012

30 Day Horror Challenge-Day 25: Excellent use of soundtrack

For the next 30 days (or whenever I stop being lazy and finish it), I will be giving my fingers short bursts of exercise by completing the 30 Day Horror Challenge, found here. Hopefully it will give you a bit of insight into what horror is for me. Don't forget to check back every day for a new installment.

Day 25: Excellent use of soundtrack.

The Devil's Rejects use of Lynrd Skynyrd's ridiculously well-known hit, Free Bird. Without spoiling things, the song is used in the climax in the (much better) sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, when our antiheroes are involved in a shootout with the authorities on a desolated road up the sun scorched mountains. Helicopter shots, slow motion, and a looooong drawn out scene to fill a good portion of the song make for a fitting ending to the Firefly family's journey over the two films. The sequence moves in tone with the song, being lazy and contrary until it moves up to the frenetic energy of the machine gun solos. Director Rob Zombie states he couldn't find any use of the song in a film where it defined the use of the song in a motion picture, where, if anyone was to hear the song from then on, would invoke that film. For my money, Zombie has claimed Free Bird. Any time I hear the song now, I see images of beaten up murderers driving through the mountains. 

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