Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Texas Chainsaw 3D gets a trailer

And it isn't pretty...

So, you watched it? What did you think? Pretty unremarkable, right? Yeah, it kinda is... 

The TCM films would be up there as one of my favourite series, but they have always had patchy ground in terms of sequels. Unfortunately, this trailer looks like the film is going to be more TCM: The Next Generation  than TCM the remake (which, frankly, is one of the better entries in the oeuvre). The story right away seems done and lame (how many times can we watch kids in a house get butchered!?), the trailer is filled with 'Ooh look at it come out of the screen' 3D and, oddly, the actual visual style looks cheap. I can't believe I am about to say that this trailer tells me the film needs more Michael Bay!

Carrot Top was pushed too far.

There was some hope for TC3D, what with a lot of the original cast making cameo appearances, but this looks like it might be little more than a gimmick for the 3D crowd. But you never know, I know there is only a fleeting glimpse of something that is apparently quite a bit setpiece of the film, so this might be one of the only trailers to not show off the whole film in 2 and a half minutes.

Also, to be pedantic, but there is no 'massacre' in the title. Literally just a Texas chainsaw (albeit in 3D). I'm hoping some gardening enthusiast stumbles across this trailer, thinking Hollywood has finally caught on to his passion for pruning! 

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