Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A charm-filled chat with Tom Savini

Another day, another documentary, and this time, it's the horror maestro, Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday The 13th, all the good horror effects. Shame on you if you didn't know him!), with Horror Effects with Tom Savini!

This comes from a videotape from the early 90s, around the filming of Two Evil Eyes (an awful lot of Savini behind the scenes seems to come from then!), and is hosted by Night of the Living Dead scribe John Russo, though it is a very casual piece and Russo is more hanging with Savini than anything else. The video opens with a warning of behind the scenes footage that will not be up to Hollywood standard and we are treated to lame-tastic credits, but the entire charm of this 40 minute excursion is its casualness. Savini's daughter, in face-paint, is wandering around the workroom where they film, and the conversation is all very friendly and feels like it is between friends.

So, as a follow-up to yesterdays Masters of Horror, enjoy a behind the scenes video with the amazing Tom Savini!