Friday, 1 June 2012

Suspiria Audio Commentary

You may know that I am a massive fan of audio commentaries, and I am a bit specific about what I like. Typically, unless it is one of the major filmmakers with honest insight, you can write a commentary off as little more than a waste of time. And God forbid you listen to a fan made commentary. That would be just ridiculous.

Well, now, let me recommend what is probably the first bearable (and downright interesting) fan made commentary I have ever heard. Michael MacKenzie of provides an in depth and trivia-filled vocal walk-through of, for my money, Dario Argento's greatest film; Suspiria. 

'But wait, there is already a commentary for Suspiria, on the region 2 UK release, nonetheless' you may say, once again butting in on my typing. But I bought Susipiria before this version became available, and though I do it often, I hate double dipping if I can avoid it. I'm sure the commentary on that release is great (I believe Alan Jones is involved, and he is always a hoot), but if it's not someone fully involved with production, I am a lot less interested. In fact, this commentary linked below is extremely well researched and, though you can tell he has scripted everything he is going to say, it doesn't peak or slag. He isn't spouting off fanboy gestures of 'OH ARGENTO IS GREAT LA LA'. He has obviously done his homework and provides a great insight into one of the greatest visual films ever made, providing interesting trivia and intellectual insight into all aspects.

If you were a fan of Suspiria and want to get a crash course on everything about it, this is the way to go.

You can download the commentary in 2 parts here:

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