Saturday, 23 June 2012

New Child's Play Sequel!

Bloody Disgusting have just reported that there is a new Child's Play SEQUEL on the way; The Curse of Chucky! 

I have been a big fan of the series since way back when. Hell, I remember first seeing Bride of Chucky at a schoolfriend's house (with Malaysian subtitles on it, just for extra grindhouse effect), and I remember staying up late on school nights watching SciFi's bizarre show Head Fuck, after a brief clip from Child's Play appeared in its trailer and I became desperate to see it. Eventually, I saw the first three films in order, and loved the ever-loving crap out of them. Something about killer dolls. A bit of a messed up Toy Story, perhaps?

Oh... I forgot... Toy Story already WAS messed up.

Seed of Chucky, the long-in-development-hell sequel was a bit of an odd step, and a lot of people would consider it a misstep, but not me. Sure, it's a but too meta for its own good, but it's stupid, has John Waters and features Hannah from S Club 7 meeting her maker, so it's all good to me!

This new sequel has its own history, of course. Being a very trendy thing to do, the powers that be were thinking about rebooting/remaking Chucky from the ground up, which could have been interesting, but honestly, I think society as a whole is past the killer doll thing. The only way it is scary is when you watch an old film that displaces you from your videophone-24/7 online life. So, a sequel is a very satisfactory route in my humble opinion!

Of course Brad Dourif is back. What kind of Chucky film 
could you make without him!?

According to BD, the film will hark back to the more horror elements of the early films. I don't think Chucky can be scary any more, and he really set the bar for killer dolls as it is, but he has always been a wise-cracker, and with creator and Seed of Chucky writer/director Don Mancini at the helm, I can't imagine this incarnation completely going cold turkey on the one liners. One oddity that seems to have cropped up; no Jennifer Tilly. I'm not a particularly big fan of her character in it, but she is a bit of the mythos now, plus Tilly herself seems to enamoured by the whole series! Ah well, as long as it is intelligent about it and doesn't just retcon her and Glen/Glenda, it should all be good. I suppose they were given quite a satisfactory wrap up in the last installment, so Mancini, do us proud!

Shooting starts in Winnipeg, Canada in September, so my guess is a possible Halloween 2013 release.

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