Monday, 25 June 2012

The final push for the Sodium Party

We are very close to the end of our Sodium Party campaign over at, and I would first off like to thank everyone who has been so helpful and generous so far. For everyone else, please check out the link above and consider contributing to our film. We are close to our new goal, and appreciate the help!

Living Dead Girl has just done a great write-up of the film over at her page here. Give it a read if you can, it is a great post!

I would like to answer a few small questions about the campaign to clear things up for people, so you know we are not being foolish about things!

Q. Why have you lowered your goal from $9,500 to $2,500?
A. Initially, we were given quotes for services that amount to about $9,500, but throughout the campaign, things have changed. First off, a very talented individual has donated their time to doing the visual effects of the film. Next, people see the dedication we have to this project and are being very helpful. We are cutting deals to get it all finished at an affordable price (and you can imagine we would give these folks repeat business from now on!). We have decided to leave the digital print for the moment, as this is a high cost when a colour grade is the main goal here and we can put the film out to Digibeta tape quite conveniently. We'd prefer a digital print eventually, but festivals and distributors accept Digibeta quite readily!

Q. But your set goal is $9,500. With these campaigns, don't you have to raise everything or get nothing?
A. That is true with a lot of group funding sites, but not Indiegogo. Everything you contribute will come to us (minus Indiegogo's fees). This is why we can rebudget what we see coming in and reset our goal!

Q. I thought this film was Irish, why is the campaign in dollars and not euro?
A. Because Indiegogo is an American site. We have taken in to account conversions and fees for it, and it should not affect you, the contributor, too much, though some people may be charged a small conversion fee (typically one euro or less).

Q. Why should I contribute to Sodium Party?
A. Because we are a unique Irish feature film. This is a truly independent film, made outside the Film Board and studio control, and we can promise you it is a one of a kind experience! By the time the end credits roll, you will be captivated!

I hope that clears up some questions! Now, please, head over to right away and help us hit our goal! 

Join the party!