Friday, 16 March 2012

[REC] 3: Genesis gets a new UK trailer

And here we have the new UK trailer for [REC] 3: Genesis.

Not as cheesy as the previous trailer (though that was intentional cheese), this one gives a bit more of a look at the scope of the film, which actually seems relatively narrow. I'm going to guess the plot will be zombies attack wedding reception, bride (and groom, possibly) are trapped, try to escape, find some underground tunnel out. 

Looks nice. Very lavish looking. Zombies look well done, though all zombies are well done these days (to the point they are unrealistically real and not as scary, but that's a potential rant right there). Should I point out the fact the UK trailer has no dialogue, hiding the fact it will be a Spanish language film? Cuz I find that kind of funny.

I'm looking forward to the film (and it's sequel, which is supposed to be very epic in scope), but one thing that the trailer is making me think is that abandoning the found footage and going with a more traditional style is going to take away a lot of the tension and scares the previous two installments had. Really, it looks like it'll be more of a survival horror/action game with a similar visual style to Haute Tension (or Switchblade Romance, for those in the UK). 

Still looking like one to watch, and it should be coming our way towards the end of the month.

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