Sunday, 12 February 2012

ANOTHER Ringu sequel. This time, in 3D!

The Ringu franchise (or The Ring, if you're familiar with the American remakes) returns with another sequel, this time in 3D.

Sorry for the crazy sizing, but you get the idea. 

Called Sadako 3D, it is penned by the original Ringu author and is the fifth sequel in the series (as well as other adaptations and TV series). My thoughts on the trailer? The effects look pretty cheap and it looks like it's a digital film, lacking that lovely clinical film look of the other films, but that's just my first impression. It should be interesting to see Samara coming out of the TV in different dimensions (and it looks like we'll see it plenty of times!). The question is, can the curse be spread online or by DVD? Well, I believe the film is going with a different approach to cursed film, but we'll see.

Something has to be said for a film that uses a '404 Page Not Found' error as a horror beat in its trailer. I'm not sure if it counts as the right kind of horror!

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