Sunday, 29 January 2012

Want Gremlins 3? This will have to tide you over.

If you're a fan of Gremlins 2 (and, let's face it, who isn't?), you might be familiar with a funny little moment in the middle of the film where, if you were in the cinema, or saw most TV broadcasts, where the film snaps. This apparent technical hitch is actually (spoiler alert! And why haven't you seen Gremlins 2? Shame on you) some gremlins messing around in the projection booth. This taught us the invaluable lesson, that only one man can demand the respect of the gremlins:

However, if you had the home video of the film, this sequence was aptly replaced by a moment where the green critters face off against John Wayne (a pretty poor sequence, but fun nonetheless!):

But now, is this age of digital media, these takes of the film stopping are both outdated. Woe is us. What can we do? Cry, is the answer, I think. But wait, one Gremlins-obsessed filmmaker has taken it upon himself to update this section for the DVD/Blu-ray age! Gremlins director Joe Dante even approves of them:

And now, only 5 years after it was originally posted, here is the full sequence of Gremlins invading the VOD! It's a bit overlong, with some sequences having no payoff, but the first one, and some choice cuts, make this essential viewing for those who are clamoring for Gremlins 3. And there isn't any full CG gremlins in sight!

BONUS: A BT advert featuring the little green men: