Monday, 30 January 2012

Paranormal Activity 3 steals my heart

I was initially very skeptical of the prequel, especially after the turd that was Paranormal Activity 2, but I have completely changed my tone on Paranormal Activity 3. For better or for worse, it was one of the best ghost films of the year (and the year was a bit poor for horror).

Keeping in line with this, the Blu-Ray/DVD is out now and in a showing of one of the most fan friendly promotions I have ever seen, they are releasing deleted scenes from the DVD (of which many clips can be seen in the film's trailer) online, for fans to enjoy.

So far, they have released 3 clips, typically through campaigns on Facebook where they will release a clip when they get 5000 likes on a photo/status (one of which was reached in less than a minute!).

In a world where Hollywood's dark corporate underbelly is exposed, and people are wondering how to combat piracy, this is the right step forward; an approach that rewards fans, not punish them. I'll be buying it!

Below is the most recent clip, which is a bit pointless, but on their Facebook page, you can find two clips with more sustenance, one of which actually gave me a jump. Enjoy!

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