Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Superman III Robot Scene: Terrifying!

Being the holiday season, there is the inevitable Superman marathon on several channels. For most people, this brings glee and enjoyment. Not for me.

No, I remember one scene in particular all too well that was not the adventure-filled fun most people get out of the film and judging by the comments on YouTube, I am not the only one. Towards the end of Superman III is the robot scene, which was, well, terrifying for me as a kid. Watching it now, it's pretty laughable, but the idea of (SPOILER) a woman being turned in to a machine so suddenly just scared the crap out of me (END SPOILER).

The clip below isn't great quality but was the only one I could embed. You can watch a better quality version here. All you need to see is about the first 20 seconds. 

Did this terrify anyone else as a kid? Or now even?