Friday, 2 December 2011

Hellraiser: Revelations: The trailer before I watch the film

Righty, we all know the ninth installment in the Hellraiser franchise, entitled Revelations, is going to blow. Let's just state that from the outset. But, I like to think of myself as something of an explorer, and will bravely subject myself to this film's mediocrity for your benefit.

Essentially produced as an 'Ashcan copy', which Wikipedia tells me means it is made soley as a way to retain rights to the franchise, Dimension quickly made this film in place of a remake of the original (don't get me started) when it turned out their option on the rights were about to expire. Neither Doug Bradly or Clive Barker have any involvement in the film, though the cinematographer of a large amount of Saw films is involved (and may have inadvertently killed his career), as is director Victor Garcia, who directed awful sequels to House on Haunted Hill and Mirrors (and has hopefully killed his career).

The trailer starts off with an initially promising idea; a found footage Hellraiser. Heck, it even ties nicely in to Deader, and I'm all about good continuity between films. But then we cut to typical third person perspective, and some shoddy, video-grade camera work, cheap mise-en-scene (fancy way of saying shit set), and bad acting and script. Oh lord... What have I got myself in for with this one?

Check back here in a few days for a candid journal of my journey through Hellraiser: Revelations...

I have a feeling it might end up something like this...