Thursday, 8 December 2011

Cabin in the Woods: A trailer made of meh

And here it is, a day later than EVERYWHERE else, Joss Whedon's latest, Cabin In The Woods.

Ok, so it's not directed by him, but it is co-written and produced by the man. Drew Goddard of Lost, Buffy and Cloverfield fame, among others, takes the feature director chair for the first time.

First impressions of the trailer? It's quite a meh film. It looks like some fun and should be a good cinema venture, but it doesn't grab me with anything that will make it last beyond its opening (which is April 2012, for the curious). It is quite clever how it goes from the typical cabin slasher film to Running Man territory, but for anyone who thinks it's turning the hillbilly horror on its head with satire, check out Tucker & Dale Vs Evil. I'll place my bets now and say it's the better flick (though Cabin in the Woods is bound to do great business).

This film has sat on the shelf for two years, which is explained by MGMs bankruptcy, but Case 39 caught me with that lie before and I regretted wasting my time with that. Fingers crossed Cabin in the Woods is at least the Scream-esque romp the trailer sets it up to be.

I do love the teaser poster!