Friday, 25 November 2011

WARNING: Avoid Quarantine 2

Oh lord, I just realised I didn't write about this film after I saw it. I guess that makes sense because it is a black abyss of a film that will suck your soul for fooling you in to watching it. What I'm trying to say is, DON'T WATCH THIS FILM.

This direct-to-DVD follow up to the adequate remake Quarantine is a turd. There is no other way of putting it. I normally try to give films a bit of credit where it's due, but not here. This film is dreadful. Whereas the previous installment followed relatively closely to it's source material (the immensely superior Spanish jumper REC), this one completely diverts from REC 2's plot (which stays centred in the same apartment complex and is a mixed bag of a film in itself). Quarantine 2: Terminal makes itself a new little 'story', though calling it a story is generous. 

What I'm saying is I didn't like the film.

The film starts off with some potential, being set on a near empty plane, possibly getting set to play on terrorism paranoia and the claustrophobia of the tin can in the sky. 'But Horrorface', I hear you say, 'I thought you weren't going to give this film any credit?'. I reply 'shut up, I'm typing here'. This potentially decent plot is quickly done away with in favour of the passengers and crew being quarantined in the airport hanger (guessing the sets were cheaper). From here, it doesn't matter what happens. Zombies happen, I guess. It's almost like the film hypnotises you. I know stuff happens, but it's all a vague blur of stupid violence, bad acting and nonexistent plot.  

I did, however, make me want to go on a long holiday.

The beginning feels cheap, but had story potential, but the second they left the airplane and decided to make a film that seemed to give less of a shit about its characters than I did, it lost me. Again, bad acting, bad script, incoherent plot. Rubbing salt in the wounds is the films vague attempts to connect to the other films by being shot documentary style, which makes it feel like a college student side project more than a film that cost a few million. The score is nonexistent, again to add to that documentary sense, and works on the plane, but once stepping into lame B-movie land, it just becomes a blatantly ridiculous device. The filmmakers obviously weren't clever enough to come up with an effective found footage device, so instead went with a cheesy alternative.

How can a film with this scene in it blow so hard?
I mean blow in a bad way.

I would love it if someone who made it reads this and drops me a line, because the ineptitude of this film has actually angered me. How many people will pick this up on the good faith of the original, thinking it might be a bit of a romp, and end up feeling shellshocked at the mess then just paid for?

This film is stupid. Don't waste your time. 

Suddenly, I Am Omega is a viable alternative.