Thursday, 24 November 2011

MTV's DEATH VALLEY: Wish You Were Here

Well, yesterday I finished the first season of MTV's Death Valley. After a very ropy start, I have to say, the show has me hooked! And now I want to try get some of you hooked.

The premise of the show is that California's Death Valley is overrun with a plague of zombies, werewolves and vampires, but they aren't the George Romero deadheads or Twilight sparklers. Nope, these zombies is seen as a pest that is more of an everyday inconvenience, the werewolves are taken care of like a stray animal would be dealt with, and vampires are prostitutes, selling sex for blood. The UTF, or Undead Task Force, is charged with controlling these problems. Think like regular police, but for monsters. Oh, and it's all shot documentary-style by a camera crew that interact with them. Don't lie to yourself, that is an amazing premise. And we have Rob Zombie's little brother Spider One to thank for it. 

Mama Zombie has an interesting taste in names.

I first heard about the show through Fangoria, and enjoyed the concept a lot, but the first few episodes of the show felt a bit like they were struggling for laughs, with some characters seeming lame. This may have just been teething pains however. By episode 3, I was appreciating the ridiculously straight-laced, square officer who I really despised initially, and understood I was supposed to cringe and hate his cocky partner. As time went on, characters grew and arcs developed. Relationships were established and suddenly I could appreciate this team. I have to say, never once did I question how awesome the captain was. Pure hilarity through dry humour all the way through.

The season is 12 episodes long, a bite-sized 20 minutes each. The series just goes from strength to strength, with the final two episodes being the pinnacle. It really is the MTV alternative in a Walking Dead world. Do yourself a favour, get a hold of these guys now and sit back in to a fun night of blood, guts and werewolves (which really are the least focused on group because, well... werewolves suck). Judging by the type of show, I can only bet that the second season is going to be a step above.

I'm partial to pandas. You say you'll bring back a panda, but no one ever does.