Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hostel Part 3 Trailer: Are you ready for more torture?

And now, here is the trailer to the new sequel to the original shock monger, Hostel, aptly titled Hostel 3.

Watched it? Good. Now on to the facts.

This is being released straight to video without any participation from original creator and director Eli Roth. However, executive producer of the previous two installment, Scott Spiegel, takes the reins as director. You might recognise him as one of the writers of the classic Evil Dead 2, which does automatically earn him brownie points. In his deficit though, he is also responsible for From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money.

It says it right there: DIRECTOR.

Michael Weiss pens the flick, boasting a CV of a lot of forgettable sequels and Brendan Fraiser's Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The only star I'm going to note right now is Thomas Kretschmann, who is almost always a hoot (King Kong and a Resident Evil sequel!). I'm not being sarcastic, I actually like him!

So, it was inevitable that the original torture porn feature (which I of course took my girlfriend to on our second date, being the well adjusted man I am) would spawn sequels, and we are now in franchise territory with this little guy. Being the third in a series and released direct to video is normally a very bad sign, but I have to be honest, that trailer is pretty good. The production value seems high. The story line fits nicely with previous Hostel flicks (even the dull and obtuse Hostel 2). There is even a bit of fetishism with a cheerleader. There's no word on genre heroes popping up, but it's early days, and I'm ignorant. However, a character from Avatar appears to have wandered on set, but we'll run with it.

Acting jobs aren't easy to come by.

The only oddities I can spin on this trailer (as I love to do) is the fact that it is set in America, which does defuse a lot of the allegory behind Roth's original film. It also seems they are staying in a hotel, not a hostel (though I will probably be proven wrong there). Something that tends to happen with companies looking to make sequels is that an unrelated script is adapted to fit the established continuity, and I guess that might be the case here (my bet is it was a script for CSI: Las Vegas). Again, that's just a guess.

All in all, coming off the heels of an abysmal Hellraiser sequel trailer, Hostel 3 is restoring my faith in the horror sequel. Don't you let me down, Hostel 3!