Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ginger Snaps: Deleted Scenes

At some point, I must go in to detail about this fantastic metaphor-riddled masterpiece of a werewolf movie (I know, there CAN be such a thing as a good werewolf movie!), but for now, please enjoy the deleted scenes from the film, which are interesting in so much as they are only found on the collector's edition DVDs, which were not released in the US or UK. Very unusual for anyone apart from the yanks to get the good stuff! The scenes themselves are also gold, and not some pathetic pieces that were always destined for the cutting room floor. No, some of this material is actually very enjoyable and provides a more in-depth picture of what the film might have been, had it been longer. Also, they're high quality, that's always a bonus.

Thanks to Ariessfij!