Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Eli Roth and CLOWN to make you shit your pants.

This little piece of fantasticness only came to my attention a few weeks ago though it is over a year old, but I decided I MUST share it with you who may not have seen it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... CLOWN.

Oh wow! A weird and possibly cheesy horror film directed by none other than Eli Roth and produced by Quentin Tarantino! This can only be amazing! It can only be fantastic! But... but... it's all lies.

Appearing around the time Roth was allegedly making a collection of faux trailers, like his Thanksgiving trailer for Grindhouse (which you can find below), Clown was thought to be part of this project. However, Roth had nothing to do with the video and didn't even know his name was on it until it was spreading across YouTube like wildfire. No, it was in fact made by commercial producers John Watts and Christopher D. Ford, who put the video up with Roth's name to lend their prank piece a bit of authenticity. Even horror Gods Bloody Disgusting were fooled.

Once the cat was out of the bag, you would think some lawsuits would follow, but no, this story has a Disney-like twist, where Eli Roth liked what he saw and is now really producing a feature adaptation made by the original makers. Wow. Here is what Roth had to say about the film, which is still awhile away from reaching our screens:

"I loved how ballsy they were, issuing a trailer that said, 'From the Master of Horror, Eli Roth.' Some people thought I'd made the movie, or that it was another fake Grindhouse trailer. The first thing they said was, 'Thank you for not suing us, but I told them, 'This is Hollywood, and while it's tradition that every movie eventually ends up in a lawsuit, you only sue when you are fighting over profits. It's no fun to sue before there's any money.' But I really felt these guys deserved a shot, and that people are truly freaked out by evil clowns. It's new territory to make this a version of The Fly, where this guy can feel himself changing, blacking out only to find blood all over his clown suit. You're sympathetic toward a monster until the monster actually takes over." 

God bless you, sir.

But what of the actual trailer? Does the film seem like it'll be worthwhile? Heck yeah!! Haven't you seen IT? People are terrified by clowns! I can't actually count myself among those people (unless the clown puppet from Poltergeist counts...)...

That fucker is scary.

... but I do adore a film where there is an uncontrollable change. The Fly similarities have already been noted, and I'll throw a bone to George A. Romero's little-seen gem Bruiser (about a man who wakes up to find a mask on his face that he can't take off) as potential ideas for what we can expect theme wise. 

The trailer hints at a curse (and the joker tarot card) behind the bizarre events that unfold and elsewhere I have read the story follows the family trying to save the father before it is too late. Right, I am totally sold. 

This film is going to be stupid, but in an unmissable way.

Oh, here's a REAL Eli Roth FAKE trailer (ugh... my head hurts...):

The fact this is pirated in a cinema just adds to it.