Sunday, 20 November 2011

American Horror Story: Possibly the creepiest opening titles ever?

I just have to share with you the opening credits to the new FX horror show, American Horror Story. Whereas the show itself has taken a few episodes to peak my interest (though it seems to have some so with a bang now), from the get go I knew that the opening title was something special.

Composed by former Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Charlie Clouser (who is also responsible for the famous theme from the Saw films), and Cesar Davila-Irizarry, the opening theme is very reminiscent of the remixed Closer used to open Se7en, but this theme might actually make you jump out of your skin.

Very NIN reminiscent, this is the first horror show opener that actually delivers some actual frights, which all of them intend but never deliver on (I'm looking at you, Master of Horror). The quiet/loud dynamic, mixed in with the bizarre and off-key notes is just sinister. Needless to say, the basement visuals with the typical horror stalemates just adds to it all. Very slick, very sick. I'm going to put it up there (with House M.D.) as one of my favourite openers to a show.

The theme with the video is unusually hard to find on Youtube, and I even tried to put it up there but was immediately told it was blocked (and I even gave credit and an advertisement for the show, silly FX), but, the internet being the internet, I found the video on some French site.

So please, get the room quiet, turn up your volume, click the link and load up the sucker!

American Horror Story Opening

And for those who don't wanna jump from the page, you can always just enjoy the audio of the intro: