Monday, 24 October 2011

Oren Peli Produces The Lords Of Salem!

Oren Peli, director of the ridiculously obvious yet highly effective Paranormal Activity, is producing Rob Zombie's original new horror, The Lords of Salem!!!

If you detect a note of excitement in my typing, it's because Peli seems like a chap with his head screwed on right and made one of the scariest movies of the past ten years. I am also watching Insidious as I type, not aware he produced it until the opening credits.

Oren Peli, seen here fulfilling many a filmmaker cliché.

I have high hopes for Zombie's latest flick, having mulled over Devil's Rejects just the other day and concluding he is the new breed of horror director (Craven and Carpenter have to pass the torch eventually!). I'll be detailing what production details I know of The Lords of Salem in an upcoming post.

Be prepared for This Horror Is Your Face to go goo goo over Zombie!

Don't let me down *Shakes fist*

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