Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tom Holland CHILD'S PLAY Audio Commentary

Those who are vaguely familiar with me will know I have a slight obsession with DVDs, especially special features, especially audio commentaries. It is, after all, what REALLY set DVD apart from VHS and will drive physical media sales for awhile at least while things move over to completely online function.


I have scoured the internet and have had little luck finding many people (with some notable exceptions) who are as into these as I am. One other thing that is missing that I am kind of surprised hasn't popped up yet is a database of audio commentaries online for download (paid for, illegal rips, or otherwise). I am going to continue my search to see if there is actually a place for beasts like myself to enjoy the gabble of filmmakers and will update my results on here.

Though I have not found any databases, I HAVE found some nice treats for cinephiles out there that might be of interest. I have a few of these up my sleeve, but let's start off with the mouth-watering audio commentary by director Tom Holland of classic killer doll flick Child's Play. He was notably absent off the region 1 anniversary release, but the good folks at Icons of Fright invited the man to record his own say on the film.
God bless you, good sirs.

It's been floating around for awhile, but for anyone wanting to learn about Child's Play, it's a brilliant find and well worth the listen. You can download it NOW, for FREE (CAPS!!), here:

Enjoy and share!