Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Paranormal Activity 3... Sigh...

The first trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 is out. And it’s….

Well, pretty poor, actually.

Keeping in line with horror franchises urge to release a sequel every Halloween, this one is due late November and seems like it’s going to follow in its predecessors footsteps (ie. be crap). Boy, did they run out of steam with these films quick!

I’m a massive fan of the first flick, especially the long version that did festivals before the alternate Stephen Spielberg ending was added (which, in a very uncharacteristic Spielberg move, is a destructive move on the flick), but the sequel was compete and utter toss; plot holes, floating babies and all.

I despise how they decided to connect the first two films, but what’s done is done and if I have to live in a world with it, I might as well try and enjoy where they go with it. 

Once I made myself get past the obviously very un-80s videotape we are supposed to be watching in the PA3 trailer, I actually started getting in to it. The trailer actually builds up a lot of steam and got my attention, perhaps adding something interesting to the mythos? The final moments have a nice little turn on the typical horror jump. Very clever and bold for something that is quickly becoming nothing more than a studio product, but then they upset any good will they spent the previous 80 seconds building by going for the cheap scare.

They had my good will for Paranormal Activity 2 and they let me down. I don’t think I can trust them again for this sequel fodder.

Cause seriously, screw Paranormal Activity 2.

Instead, check out the original ending (in poor quality, sorry) to the first Paranormal Activity, which negates any pointless sequels:

Or else the JAPANESE sequel, which is official cannon and all. THIS is the one I wanna see:
(PS. Youtube has the full movie up. Gotta check that out.)