Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Not-So-Amazing Spider-Man


The new Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out. Peep it below….

I think I’m joining a long line of people when I say it looks pretty meh. What’s the story with the video game footage for the second half of the trailer? Did someone make a mistake? Is it secretly April Fools? Either way, this is all kinda ways ridiculous.

It was always gonna be an uphill struggle as I am a MASSIVE fan of Sam Raimi and his original series. The first is a great origins film and has just enough tongue-in-cheek to be an all-rounder. The second is just a great flick by any standard. The third one… Oh, shit… He’s dancing? Ok, let’s ignore that one. Point is, Spider-Man ain’t like Batman. A quick-witted teenager in bright red and green tights really isn’t crying out to be gritty.

The trailer plays far too much like the original too, which is not even 10 years old and still very fresh in the media mind. There seems to be nothing new here and using the Lizard as the lead villain is a bit of a cop out. He’s really a second string baddie. The film has a year until it’s out, so a lot of visuals from the trailer will probably improve, but the story is set. Here’s to hoping the trailer is purposely misleading us!

I really dig Andrew Garfield (check out Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, it’s a treasure!) and think he’ll do a great job with the role, but it just seems like such a pointless endeavour in milking the franchise while superheroes are still in (which will find a massive dip in the next few years, I predict). Plus, what about Bruce Campell? I may picket this film based solely on his absence.

That said, I’m a massive Spidey fan, so I’ll still be seeing it on opening night.