Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tom Holland CHILD'S PLAY Audio Commentary

Those who are vaguely familiar with me will know I have a slight obsession with DVDs, especially special features, especially audio commentaries. It is, after all, what REALLY set DVD apart from VHS and will drive physical media sales for awhile at least while things move over to completely online function.


I have scoured the internet and have had little luck finding many people (with some notable exceptions) who are as into these as I am. One other thing that is missing that I am kind of surprised hasn't popped up yet is a database of audio commentaries online for download (paid for, illegal rips, or otherwise). I am going to continue my search to see if there is actually a place for beasts like myself to enjoy the gabble of filmmakers and will update my results on here.

Though I have not found any databases, I HAVE found some nice treats for cinephiles out there that might be of interest. I have a few of these up my sleeve, but let's start off with the mouth-watering audio commentary by director Tom Holland of classic killer doll flick Child's Play. He was notably absent off the region 1 anniversary release, but the good folks at Icons of Fright invited the man to record his own say on the film.
God bless you, good sirs.

It's been floating around for awhile, but for anyone wanting to learn about Child's Play, it's a brilliant find and well worth the listen. You can download it NOW, for FREE (CAPS!!), here:

Enjoy and share!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Paranormal Activity 3... Sigh...

The first trailer for Paranormal Activity 3 is out. And it’s….

Well, pretty poor, actually.

Keeping in line with horror franchises urge to release a sequel every Halloween, this one is due late November and seems like it’s going to follow in its predecessors footsteps (ie. be crap). Boy, did they run out of steam with these films quick!

I’m a massive fan of the first flick, especially the long version that did festivals before the alternate Stephen Spielberg ending was added (which, in a very uncharacteristic Spielberg move, is a destructive move on the flick), but the sequel was compete and utter toss; plot holes, floating babies and all.

I despise how they decided to connect the first two films, but what’s done is done and if I have to live in a world with it, I might as well try and enjoy where they go with it. 

Once I made myself get past the obviously very un-80s videotape we are supposed to be watching in the PA3 trailer, I actually started getting in to it. The trailer actually builds up a lot of steam and got my attention, perhaps adding something interesting to the mythos? The final moments have a nice little turn on the typical horror jump. Very clever and bold for something that is quickly becoming nothing more than a studio product, but then they upset any good will they spent the previous 80 seconds building by going for the cheap scare.

They had my good will for Paranormal Activity 2 and they let me down. I don’t think I can trust them again for this sequel fodder.

Cause seriously, screw Paranormal Activity 2.

Instead, check out the original ending (in poor quality, sorry) to the first Paranormal Activity, which negates any pointless sequels:

Or else the JAPANESE sequel, which is official cannon and all. THIS is the one I wanna see:
(PS. Youtube has the full movie up. Gotta check that out.)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The THING (ish)

Recently, this amazing piece of mouth foam-inducing poster came out:

Well, the first trailer for the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 classic The Thing is finally up, and it's, well... Look for yourself...

Featuring Scott Pilgrim's Ramona Flowers and Mr. Eko from Lost, I have been a bit sketchy about the idea of trying to follow up such a brilliant film that is nearly 30 years old and aging gracefully. Unfortunately, this trailer is doing nothing to dispel my fears...

The first thing to catch my attention is how much the opening shots remind me of 2004's Alien Vs Predator (sorry to bring it up, I really am...). Long ice tunnels and startling discovery that hides a dangerous secret? Check!

The next thing you'll notice is just how much like the original it seems to be. It's not unusual for a sequel to such a popular film to be referential, but come on. Like I said, the original hasn't aged poorly and this trailer is setting up the flick as typical sequel trash. It has to follow the rule that 'bigger is better' by having big set pieces, though it was the claustrophobia of the original that set it apart and made it a classic.

On the plus side, it seems to be shot well and acted without a hint of tongue-in-cheek, but we'll see if that saves it from being another pointless sequel in a sea of mediocrity.


Try the original classic for instant satisfaction:

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Not-So-Amazing Spider-Man


The new Amazing Spider-Man trailer is out. Peep it below….

I think I’m joining a long line of people when I say it looks pretty meh. What’s the story with the video game footage for the second half of the trailer? Did someone make a mistake? Is it secretly April Fools? Either way, this is all kinda ways ridiculous.

It was always gonna be an uphill struggle as I am a MASSIVE fan of Sam Raimi and his original series. The first is a great origins film and has just enough tongue-in-cheek to be an all-rounder. The second is just a great flick by any standard. The third one… Oh, shit… He’s dancing? Ok, let’s ignore that one. Point is, Spider-Man ain’t like Batman. A quick-witted teenager in bright red and green tights really isn’t crying out to be gritty.

The trailer plays far too much like the original too, which is not even 10 years old and still very fresh in the media mind. There seems to be nothing new here and using the Lizard as the lead villain is a bit of a cop out. He’s really a second string baddie. The film has a year until it’s out, so a lot of visuals from the trailer will probably improve, but the story is set. Here’s to hoping the trailer is purposely misleading us!

I really dig Andrew Garfield (check out Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, it’s a treasure!) and think he’ll do a great job with the role, but it just seems like such a pointless endeavour in milking the franchise while superheroes are still in (which will find a massive dip in the next few years, I predict). Plus, what about Bruce Campell? I may picket this film based solely on his absence.

That said, I’m a massive Spidey fan, so I’ll still be seeing it on opening night.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Cuz LOST needed to be more confusing...

This is very old hat at this point, but a mate introduced me to this epilogue to the final season of Lost a few weeks ago. I can see why they cut it from the actual show, with it posing questions we already knew answers to and posing new ones that will make you go 'ugh', but it's a nice little tidbit for fans who want that little bit more.

So, for those not quite ready to let go of the island, here is the epilogue; The New Man In Charge.

You can buy the full saga at the link below, including the above special feature as well as many more. Well worth it, if you ask me! POOOLLLAARR BEAAARRRSS!!!