Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Whew! Where to start!? How about...

A.I.R. 2011
Thank you all for your overwhelming support of my Artist in Residence exhibition!

The video is now set to private, so if you want to see it again, you'll have to drop me a line for the password, which I'll gladly share. The exhibition will also exist in the real world in the foyer of the Dynevor campus. Thank you all so much for your support and feedback with the show. I kept an eye on the numbers and, I have to say, it was astounding!
I'll have some new work available online soon and will be finishing up final touches to Into White as I prepare it for festivals, so keep an eye out! Also, I know there's been a lot of interest in Sodium Party. For the record, it's very much a go-go right now and your support and curiosity is what will keep the train a-rolling!

In other news, my film from last year, Lovely Dinner, was unexpectedly invited to competition in L'├ętrange Festival in Paris. A shock and flattering news.

I have now wrapped up my Artist in Residency in Swansea Metropolitan University and I have to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for making it such a great year. I was able to continue producing the films I wanted, and got to meet and work with some new and talented people. I have never wanted to be a teacher, but working with the students this year was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It's known I went a bit above my station, and I gave a lot of my time to try and help anyone who needed it, but if given the option I would do it all again. From unofficial tutorials to NIN concert screenings to Screentest Film Festival in London,  I think we all had a productive year.
I speak in chocolate. Don't act like you're surprised.

When the second and third years gave me such an overwhelming thank you during their screenings, and the first years gave me an amazing thank you card and present, I have never been so humbled in my life. YOU are the ones who should be thanked, for putting up with me, making the year so memorable, just generally being a brilliant experience. And I cannot forget the help of my colleagues, who were so lovely and obliging to my insanity all year. A very special mention has to go out to Manolo, who was a godsend in the last few weeks for me, as well as making sure the entire year ran smoothly. Also Timi, for being a supportive sunuvabitch all year.

What else can I say but from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for being legends.

Lowri and me celebrating an awesome year with Meikle-bombs.