Sunday, 19 June 2011

AIR Exhibition 2011: INTO WHITE

For ONE WEEK ONLY (Sunday 19 June - Sunday 26 June)
{Video Artist In Residence Exhibition}

On July 17th, the Swansea Metropolitan University Artist in Residence held an exhibition of their work. For my section (Video), I compiled some of my work I thought best represented where I am film-wise right now. Please sit back and enjoy what I have to offer!

Judge Tuxedo - Nothing On Me {4 mins}
Directed by Richard Waters, Produced by Alison Scarff
{This fast-paced music video for the Swansea based metal band was the first thing I shot on the Canon 7D, and it was good a laugh making it as it is satisfying to have such a decent finished video.}

Sodium Party - Extended Teaser Trailer {3 mins}
Directed by Michael McCudden, Produced by Alison Scarff & Richard Waters
{For a lot of people, this will be the first time they see anything Sodium Party related. Not so much a teaser trailer as an extended sneak peek, hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of what madness we were up to last summer!}

Into White {21 mins}
Directed/Written by Richard Waters, Produced by Alison Scarff & Richard Waters
{My main piece for the show, born out of frustration and fears, this piece is the tale of a woman, Chloe (played by Charley R. Hall) who finds her life and being disintigrating after being attacked by a strange woman (Donna Males). She now must contend with her life becoming something it isn't, and the destruction of the lines between dreams and reality.}

I am planning on submitting the film to festivals (plus it needs some tweaks and replacement of music that is in only for this week), so the show will only be up for one week. So please, before Sunday the 26th, take advantage, watch and share the exhibition with your friends! Please share and let me know what you think!!!